Better Than I Used To Be

So I've started going to the gym. Included in my tuition for SAIT is a membership to the gym on campus so I decided to start using it.  In the nearly two years since I left construction, I've become totally weak. I couldn't possibly fight you. (Bonus points if you know what this reference is … Continue reading Better Than I Used To Be

Offense, Insecurities, and Mistaken Identitys

Do you ever get mistaken for someone else? Or accidentally wind up at a party you had no business being at? It's really freaking awkward. I had it happen to me recently. I got cc'd on an email that was an invitation to be a part of a project that was about to get off the ground. It … Continue reading Offense, Insecurities, and Mistaken Identitys

Disconnecting life support

OK, things didn't go according to plan here. Life happened, I canceled that trip that I romanticized on here for reasons and now I'm going to SAIT for Information Technology. So yeah, crazy six months. my life got turned upside down in a way that I didn't plan for (giant pain in the @$$). I needed to … Continue reading Disconnecting life support