Opening Thoughts

I don’t know how long this will last so for the moment I think I’ll just keep this private. Wait until I’m a couple of posts in before I start advertising that I’ve started a blog. Hell, as of writing this I don’t even have that. This is just a couple of lines of text on a Google docs page somewhere out in the void.


Ok, what are the basics I want to achieve with this thing?

  1. Get the thoughts in my head, out of my head.

It’s crowded in here and some of the stuff that’s been in here the longest doesn’t insert well into normal conversation. This will serve as a platform for me to share some longer form thoughts that don’t really have a place elsewhere on the internet

  1. Document some of the major events of this next year.

My rest period for 2017 is almost over and my plans for 2017 are big, some of my biggest ever. I don’t like Facebook or Instagram’s methods for documenting periods of time, sure they’re great for showing individual moments but I want to be able to compile more complete documents on periods spanning anything as short as a weekend vacation to as long as a semester of schooling. This will serve as a place to document these periods.

  1. Start contributing.

I consume a borderline obscene amount of digital media on a daily basis. It’s time I started adding my own voice to the noise

  1. Get more accustomed to writing often.

I used to be pretty decent at writing, now nearly 5 years out of high school I can’t remember the last time before tonight that I actually sat down to write something out. I hate that. (on a related note, I’m used to using Microsoft Word, how the heck do I put in a header for the date and post number in docs??)


Right, we have the reason for doing this, now let’s set up the rules for doing this

  1. How long am I going to be doing this for? I’m thinking as of now I’m going to commit to 6 months that puts the reevaluate point at the end of September.
  2. How frequently am I going to post? Minimum of once a week, bonus posts are okay but at a minimum, there should be something being cranked out every week. Let’s see; 1 post a week for six months that means there should be a minimum of 26 posts in between now and the end of September
  3. Format. What’s the minimum amount of content in a post? Minimum of 200 words, roughly half a page of times new roman single-spaced. (I’m not in school! I reject the double space!)
  4. This blog is for me and me alone. Everyone else is welcome to come and view the crazy but this is not about them. Whether there are 3 people or three thousand people reading it does not matter. Write for yourself not for them. As such I reserve the right to post and talk about anything and everything that tickles my fancy on this blog.
  5. It’s OK to mess up. Because let’s be honest, it’s going to happen. The most important thing is not that it happens but that I don’t use that as ammunition to shame myself into quitting but rather as a reason to motivate me to do better.

Ok that about covers the parameters for the blog

Now to actually learn how to create a blog so that this doesn’t wind up just being a .docx file that will collect mothballs in the cloud forever.

Forging Ahead

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