Offense, Insecurities, and Mistaken Identitys

Do you ever get mistaken for someone else? Or accidentally wind up at a party you had no business being at? It’s really freaking awkward.

I had it happen to me recently. I got cc’d on an email that was an invitation to be a part of a project that was about to get off the ground. It was a really cool project and one where I actually really thought that I could bring something unique and of value to the table when placed with the other people who were going to be participating in the project. This would be a project that would allow me to flex mental muscles and utilize skills that I haven’t had the opportunity to use since I was in high school. Very exciting stuff.

So I accepted. Only to receive a reply email saying that there had been an error and that they had never intended to ask me to be a part of the project. Instead, they meant to invite someone else to participate. Someone admittedly far more qualified, and in the long run, definitely more beneficial to the project than I could have been.

That email really stung.

And for a little while, I let the sting of this seep in and allowed the thoughts that I normally do not permit in my mind to enter. Thoughts that say to me I’m not good enough, or that I’m unnecessary. Thoughts that state that as much as I would like to have the opportunity to revisit the old skills this project would have allowed me to utilize, that chapter of my life is now almost certainly, permanently closed. (<– Ok there might be some truth to that one) for a while I allowed myself to feel like crap as a result of the situation.

Then about 10 minutes later I snapped out of it and started thinking about things rationally again. This wasn’t an attack on me personally and there was no malice surrounding this. This was the result of a simple error. One that, if the roles had been reversed I would have been quite likely to make myself.

//Editor’s Note: you’re on the verge of rambling Jonah. What’s the point of all this?

//Writers Note: Thanks for the heads up Editor Jonah. I’ll wrap it up. (Is it weird that I talk to myself like this??? Let me know.)

Ok, the point of all this is really quite simple. In life, things happen to you that are completely out of your control. and when they happen are you going to allow your guard to drop for a moment and allow the lies of the enemy to seep in and dominate your life as a result of things that you had no control over? Or, are you going to remember where your worth and value comes from and issue the spirit of offense a notice of denial of service?

Forging Ahead.

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